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Bosch Miter Saws

Bosch miter saws stand out for the high quality of their materials, as you would expect to come from a brand with such a reputation and experience.

Bosch has also been able to produce high-precision miter saws for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Get to know the best Bosch miter saws on offer for you in our catalogue.

Top Bosch Miter Saw Models Reviews

Bosch (Sliding-Compound) Miter Saws Catalogue

Whether you are a professional or carpentry is your hobby, we are sure that there is a Bosch miter for you.

They stand out for their ease of use, great precision in repetitive cuts and the high quality of the materials with which they have been manufactured.

Bosch Miter Saws
Bosch Miter Saws
Bosch Miter Saws

Bosch: a symbol of quality

This brand saws easily and simply all types of panels, from the widest to frames with filigree ornaments, and with the exact angle desired! Its traction function is integrated, increasing its cutting capacity and giving you a much more flexible range of applications.

Bosch offers you the most powerful motors and a soft grip that makes your work much more comfortable. In addition, on all models, the disc change is simple and, above all, safe. They offer a large number of accessories and many of them are added so you can do all kinds of work.

Their technical service and warranty are also aspects that stand out from the brand because, with the registered product, you can have up to 3 years warranty. In addition, you have a spare parts service, online repair service and maintenance service for your brand tools.

man cutting crown moldings
 Bosch Chop Saws

Advantages of Bosch Miter Saws

A miter is a type of tool that we use for work that requires high precision, quality, and safety. Therefore, it is always preferable to pay a little more for having a tool of superior quality and that lasts as long as possible to make your investment profitable. Bosch is a brand that gives this guarantee on its miters saws.

If you are thinking of buying a Bosch miter, take a look at the following features. Any doubts you have will evaporate:

  • The durability of the tool is important, since they are in continuous use, especially if you are a professional. Bosch miters stand out for the quality of the materials with which they have been manufactured. They are tools for life.
  • They offer accuracy in cutting at various angles, and great performance when used continuously. They are professional tools of high precision.
  • Power, speed, weight, disc diameter, angle possibility, and cutting capacity all offer high-performance. They will ensure perfect cutting and quality.
  • The brand offers various models from the most professional to models that you can use if you are a DIY enthusiast. And all are easy to use and very safe!
Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw - 15 Amp Corded 10 in. Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60-Tooth Carbide Saw Blade
 CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel Sliding Compound
miter saw GCM12SD

Discover the different Bosch miter models:

Now that you know all the general aspects of the brand, we are going to offer you a brief list of the models so that you can choose the one you really need:

1. Bosch GCM12SD Power Tool

  • Professional features model. Excellent balance between quality and price. A good option for early-stage professionals.
  • Its patented glide system allows wider crosscuts and better alignment while also being compact 26.5″ to be exact, Weights 65.0lbMiter Angle Range 52° Left, 60° Right).
  • No Load RPM 3,800 for tough applications
  • Comfortably lockable handle in 4 positions

2. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

  • Professional and highly effective model. The best option if you like to do-it-yourself!
  • Miter Angle Range: 52 Degrees Left, 60 Degrees Right
  • Original Axial-Glide Technology with easy cutting control
  • It provides 4,800 rpm with an outstanding cut capability and a really compact design.
  • Really compact design, weights: 60 lbs.
  • Its clamp is quick closing and you can place the piece to be cut quickly and securely. It has three positioning positions: from the front, from above and diagonally.
  • It has a high precision when sawing, in addition to the quality of the saw.
  • It has a spindle lock, so you can easily change the saw blade.

3. Bosch CM8S 8-1/2 Inch Single Bevel 

Professional model with which you can do all kinds of work.

  • It has the same crosscut capacity (12-3/4-Inch) for multiple applications and improved dust management so that the work is clean with this miter.
  • Reduced weight of 37 pounds that allows you maximum mobility.
  • Well-balanced saw with a top carry handle at the center of gravity. It also incorporates a depth stop for cutting slots.

Best Bosch Chop Saws

If you want to buy an affordable Bosch chop saw of high quality do not miss these offers from our site We bring you the cheapest prices on the market.

Bosch Miter Saw Replacement Parts

These tools may need spare parts that you can find via a Bosch Service or in a trusted store.

From spare batteries, chargers, saw blades, dust bags, tweezers to fix, table extension or any of the accessories that, for various reasons, must be replaced.

Reviews of Bosch Miter Saws

After having explained to you the characteristics of Bosch miter saws, as well as the trajectory of the brand, we want to show you the opinions that the buyers of this brand have on the matter so that they can help you when you decide to acquire a tool like this one from the Bosch brand.

The great majority of people agree that they are machines that are a very good value for money in all their ranges. It is true that they are not cheap miter machines, but the quality offered by the Bosch brand is far superior to many of the miter machines that exist on the market.

Among them, we can find miter machines for a very competitive price in the low range of their machines, such as the Bosch CM8S miter, which already has very good characteristics and allows high precision work without being an expert in the use of these tools.

For a somewhat higher price, we already find their top-of-the-range tools, but users continue to emphasize that they are definitely worth what they cost, because of the high-precision cutting and the accessories that greatly facilitate the work as well the assurance of complete safety for the person who is handling the tool.

Don’t doubt it, a Bosch miter is synonymous with quality and precision, professionalism and efficiency, and necessary investment. Whether you have advanced projects or you are just starting out in the DIY world and need to buy a miter, Bosch is your trusted brand.