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Original Miter Box and Saw

The manual or electric miter saw is an essential tool if you need to make cross-sections and angles. For example, if you want to make a frame, the ends of the pieces must be cut at 45º angles. If you are going to put moldings, the different pieces must be cut in miter to form the corners and that the adjustment is perfect.

The miter box, together with a backsaw, is the most economical alternative to accurately miter cuts.

What is a Miter Box and Saw?

This tool, also called the Hand Miter Box, is a tool that allows cutting materials at angles of 45, 90 and 22.5 degrees. This last measure is used to form octagonal pieces.

If it is a precision miter box and saw, it is provided with two cam bolts that allow to secure the piece and prevent it from moving during cutting. They also incorporate a tab on the base to hold the miter box while you are using it. In some models, you will be able to store the bolts and the pencil in the compartment that they have incorporated.

The miter saws are made of high impact material and endure the use for a long time. The backsaw has an upper stop that prevents damage to the box when cutting.

Differences Between a Miter Box and a Power Miter Saw

There are different types of miter, both manual and electrical, so you can choose the model that best suits your needs.

  • Hand miter box and saws have always been used and are still very effective for DIY and craftwork. They weigh very little and can be easily transported.
    The basic model is a wooden or metal box with guides made in the box to guide the cut. The models with the built-in saw are also manual but perform the cuts with greater precision.
  • The power miter saws are perfect for carpentry work on a larger scale or in case you want to make the cuts with total precision and effortlessly. They are equipped with a circular saw driven by an electric motor. Both the power of the engine and the number and size of the discs should be adjusted to the use you are going to give the machine.

How to Use a Miter Box and Saw?

It is a very simple machine and you will quickly understand how to use a manual miter box and saw. We offer you a step by step if it is the first time you are going to use it.

1. Attach the miter box to the work table using sergeants to prevent it from moving during cutting.

2. Place the piece you are going to cut and choose the necessary angle. Make sure you have the ribbon resting on the bottom of the drawer so you do not dance while you cut it.

3. Slide the saw through the grooves corresponding to the chosen angle and cut by pressing on the cleat. The pressure must be sufficient for the teeth to pierce the wood but not to jam in it.

How to Cut with a Manual Miter

The manual miter saw is used similarly to a common saw. The difference is that the piece that we are going to cut remains in the base and we can make the cut with precision. If you try to make a cut at a right angle or miter with a saw blade regardless of the miter saw you will see how much more difficult and less accurate result.

We show you a video where you can see how to use a manual miter saw to do your DIY jobs:

How to Build a Mitre Box

If you are starting in the DIY world and you have not yet decided the machine you are going to buy, you can make a box of the miter to start working. This way you will check the effectiveness of this machine and you will be able to acquire the most convenient one. Once you have understood how a manual miter maker works, building it yourself will be very easy.

You will need the following materials and tools:

  • A wooden ribbon
  • A jigsaw
  • Hammer and nails
  • Pencil and ruler
  • A squad
  • White glue

These are the steps you must follow:

  1. Cut the wooden ribbon into three equal parts and glue them together in a box. To ensure that they are properly fastened, apply carpenter’s glue to the joint areas and secure them with nails.|
  2. Once dry mark two angles: one of 90 º at one end of the box and another 45 º, using the square.
  3. Fasten the box to the work table and cut the side timbers by the signs. Try to cut accurately reaching the base. You already have your tool to start cutting the wooden slats you need.
manual miter saw

A miter saw is a tool designed to cut at an angle easily and effectively. They can be used by both professionals and amateurs, so we recommend that you get a manual miter to learn the operation of this tool. And if you later see that you need something a little more professional for your precision work, do not hesitate to buy a miter machine from our website, where you will always find the best deals on the market.