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Metal Miter Saw

A metal miter saw is a great help for certain jobs since the miter cut allows you to set the angles you need depending on what you’re going to cut.

The models with the highest level and quality, such as motor mowers, have the safest movement systems and an electric saw that will allow you to cut materials much faster. Read on and discover all the types of metal miter saws that exist.

Best Metal Cutting Miter Saw 2019

What is a Metal Miter Saw?

It is a tool that belongs to the saw family. Its use is linked to cutting and you can find more generic tools, such as the miter saw for metal, or more specific tools for the type of alloy you want to cut, such as a miter for aluminum.

The precision of a saw of this type is its letter of introduction. It does not vary with your pulse, which makes it essential for perfect and fine finishes.

What are the parts of a metal miter saw?

There are different models, but they all have some common elements:

Handle: Allows you to work in complete safety and comfort. Its mechanism makes it possible to raise and lower the cutting blade.

Arm release button: There is a button on the arm that you must activate, as well as squeeze the trigger on the handle so that the machine can work.

Protective casing: The cutting miter for metal is protected by a casing fixed at the top and another that is mobile and opens at the same time as the material is being cut.

Stop rail: The pieces are supported against it so that they are completely fixed before making a cut. They can be both adjustable or not.

Cutting platform: Here the material is supported so that large pieces can be cut. The table capacity and the cutting capacity are directly proportional.

Cutting disc: The metal cutting disc for miter must be adapted to the diameter of the saw and properly preserved to ensure a good cut.

Miter adjustment: This device has the function of fixing the cutting angle to the miter.

Bevel adjustment: Practically all miter saws make it possible to do bevel cuts at the same time as the miter.

Chip Removal: This is a hole where a bag or vacuum cleaner can be attached in order to remove chips or sawdust.

Support Brackets: Extremely useful for supporting long pieces. They are usually removable according to needs.

Metal miter saw

Best Metal Cutting Blade for Miter Saw 2019

Types of Metal Miters

Depending on how they are used, metal cutting miter saws can be classified as manual or motorized:

Power Miter Saw

An electric motor spins the disc and cuts with little effort. They are the most common on the market and depending on their technology we can differentiate four types:

– Basic: This is the simplest model and makes it possible for you to work under the tool. It requires that the piece you are going to cut fits very well.

– Sliding: Allows you to cut a material that has a greater width.

– Sliding with a table: This is the most suitable table for high-precision work, such as cutting skirting boards or slats. It includes the best characteristics of each model.

power miter saw, miter saw for metal

Manual miter saws

This is the traditional model, prior to the popular engine mowers and virtually no longer found on the market. Only those people who are going to do small jobs and don’t need a big investment are going to opt for them.

They work similarly to a common saw, with the difference that the miter is attached to a base to hold the piece. Even if it is cut manually, the clamping of the base guarantees a better and more precise finish than that of a saw blade without a base.

Miter Models for Working with Metal

If you are thinking of buying a metal miter, we show you which are the most valued by users, so you can buy one that has good reviews and is exactly what you really need.

According to the users’ reviews, the favorite model is the Makita LS1019L. It has a power of 1800 watts, can make cuts in any type of material and also has granulometry that makes cuts of the highest quality. The only drawback you can find is the initial investment, but the work you can achieve makes it a fully profitable and satisfactory investment.

The Dewalt DWS780 also allows you to make cuts on any type of material and has a power of 1600 watts, in addition to having a good cutting angle. It’s another great option if you’re thinking about buying a metal miter.

makita metal saw
Makita Brand

Differences Between a Metal Miter and Wood Miter

The main difference lies in the cut-off wheel. The abrasive discs are the ones that cut the metal, and their form and axis are different from those of wood.

In both cases, it is necessary that, for safety reasons, the blocking of the mechanism is guaranteed and that a laser guide helps the cuts to be precise and straight.

A metal miter must have protection against the sparks that jump when rubbing metal bodies against each other and for wood, it is convenient to acquire a dust vacuum cleaner.

To work with wood and metal the best recommendation is to purchase a miter that allows you to work safely and accurately with both materials. In some models, you can do it using the same disc, and in others, you can exchange them.

Installing a metal disc in the wood miter is simple, but you have to take into account the size of the shaft and replace the inner support for a good fit.

You may then have the question: Can I put a metal cutting disc on a wood miter saw?

Many people ask themselves this question.

The truth is that some tools do have multiple uses and can be adapted for each of them. In the end, however, a machine that specializes in one material will be much more reliable than one that can be used for multiple different materials.

Most miters are specific, designed and calculated by industrial and technical engineers to support the efforts of their correct use, according to the materials for which they are intended. Each one of them has different calculations of engine power and speed, different design and materials, etc.

So, the ideal if we are looking to work with metal is to directly acquire a metal miter and thus not have problems with the machine, which could get spoiled by misuse, or put us in danger.

But if we really want to buy a miter for metal and wood, we must make sure that the disc we buy is specific for each of the materials we are going to work with and is perfectly attached to the machine.

Cutting iron machine, mitering iron

Safety for working with a miter cutting machine for cutting metal

Regardless of the type of miter, you are going to work with, it is essential to take some basic safety measures.

– Use basic protection such as goggles, masks, earplugs or gloves. This will minimize the impact of dust generated by the cut.

– Wear suitable work clothing with narrow sleeves and pay attention to pendants, bracelets or watches to avoid possible snagging.

– Have a firm, well-lit work surface.

Unplug the machine to handle any part of the machine or the cutting disc.

Adjust the disc to the material to be cut.

Do not remove the blade guards, as they are essential.


We hope that the information we have provided you has been useful, and you have gained clarity about the types and models of metal miter that exist, as well as the differences that exist with respect to the wood miter.

To properly use a metal miter saw the best advice is to measure twice and cut once; this way you will make better use of the materials.