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Metabo Miter Saw

Metabo is a brand with a long history of more than 80 years, offering miter saws for professional works. It stands out for having manufactured a series of miter saws that work with an external battery and for being very lightweight tools.

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Review of the Best Metabo Miter Saw on the Market:

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Metabo: A Brand with an Extensive Experience

We could say that the father of this company was Albrecht Schnitzler, who built the first-hand drill in 1923. Since it was used for metal, it was the godfather of what would later become the name “Metabo”. In recent years he has broadened his horizons, manufacturing high-quality miters, such as the Metabo KGS216M.

Its models are characterized by their lightweight so that the miter can be transported with one hand.

Thanks to the insertion point, the adjustment of the angles is fast, allowing cuts to be made with a 45º angle. Thanks to the laser, a precise indication of the area to be cut can be established.

The platform is gradually extendable, allowing large materials to be placed for cutting.

The Best Metabo Miter Saw to Work With

The brand offers miter saws for all types of work. Very light semi-professional sliding compound miter saw models

Knowing the problem of having a limited range of activity when having to resort to electricity, they have designed a series of cordless miter saws that run on battery. Light and perfect for working, with LED light to establish the cutting area.

Changing the saw is simple, using the spindle lock. To be able to change it, it is not necessary to demount the over oscillation blocking cover. In addition, the safety system prevents the saw from being accidentally activated – Metabo miter saws are very safe!

Best Metabo 2019 Miter Saw on sale

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